Callout for Submissions

Our June 2020 topic is the "Virtual Vacation"

Submission Deadline11:59pm on Monday, July 27th.

Physical travel may be limited this summer, but that doesn't prevent us from traveling the globe through each others' images.  Let's see how far we can travel with your vacation landscapes and environmental portraits.  Manmade objects are permitted as long as the image is primarily nature.  Wildlife is also permitted, however image must contain some native environment to illustrate the location.  Please limit submissions to 2 photos per person.

Please include the following items with your image(s):  Country and location, brief background and/or something unique about the environment photographed, your name and e-mail.

Sponsored by:  This blog is sponsored by Beyond the Print of Vestal, NY.  Featured photographers will be entered in a drawing to receive a $25 giftcard toward any print purchase at Beyond the Print.

The deadline is 11:59pm, Monday, July 27th.  Submit either on our Facebook page with the tag #WatermanBlog or send e-mail to  Short video clips no longer than 15 seconds will be considered.  Further guidelines below.  

NHTL #WatermanBlog Reboot


After a year on hiatus, we rebooted our NHTL #WatermanBlog with two exciting new upgrades!  The first is a twist in that all image submissions must include a brief natural history writeup about the subject.  In keeping with the NHTL theme, we wish to encourage photographers to learn more about the natural history of their subjects.  One two three sentences will suffice.  The most exciting aspect of our new blog is sponsorship!  See topic below for details.


Blog Submission Guidelines

There are multiple ways to submit.  Please keep submissions to no more than two images per person per week. Those images that best illustrate the week’s message will be chosen for the feature.  Please submit your image(s), along with your personal or business social media link(s), using one of the following methods:

Image Copyrights

By submitting images you are certifying that you have ownership of the image copyrights.  You will retain the copyright to your images.  All images will only be used as indicated herein and will not be used by Waterman or anyone else for any other purpose.  Images with unobtrusive, corner copyrights are absolutely fine but no watermarks please.  By submitting your images you are confirming that own the copyright for the image.

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