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The Puzzle

Just for fun we thought we’d give you a chance to test your knowledge of the subjects discussed in our #WatermanBlog. The attached puzzle has clues that can be found in any of the blogs published from March through June. If you would like to play along, please print the attached and complete it at your leisure following these instructions:

Step 1: Fill in the answers on the left based on the clues. The number of letters is shown along with any spaces or dashes.

Step 2: Complete the word search puzzle to cross out all of the answers found in Step 1. Answers can be forward, backward, horizontal, vertical or diagonal but will not change direction. Letters may be used more than once. Once all answers are crossed out, there will be a handful of unused letters.

Step 3: Starting from the top left of the grid in step 2, write the unused letters in the dashes in step 3.


If the puzzle is completed correctly, the result will be a message from Waterman Center to the blog community. A key will be provided soon. We hope you enjoy this new, quarterly blog feature!

If you have any questions, please send e-mail to our blog account, or type them below this post.

Click image for a downloadable, printable PDF

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