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Congratulations to the winners, judge's choice honorees and finalists of the 2021 Waterman Center #NatureNOW Photo Contest!  We are very honored that you chose to share your images with Waterman Center!

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Thank you to all who supported our 2021 photo contest!  Either through photo submissions, donations, prize sponsorship, advertisement or judging, your support has helped us in our conservation efforts by raising funds to support Waterman Center and our Natural History Through the Lens (NHTL) program.  We could not have done it without you!

Grand Prize

Grand Prize Winner

Photographer:  Terry Martin, Savoring the Sublime

TerryMartin_Savoring the Sublime_Landscape.jpg

Description:  Massive icebergs often appear in the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, which is on the south coast of Iceland.  Accelerated by global warming, they calve from Vatnajökull, which is the largest glacier in Europe.  They retain much of their sublime majesty as they drift eight kilometers to the ocean, where they eventually break up into smaller pieces, finally melting in the saltwater surf of Diamond Beach.  Jokulsarlon is a photographer’s playground of aesthetic delights, and on the morning I took this picture, I wandered along the shore with a sense of wonder at these magnificent, if nevertheless vanishing, giants.  When a kayak appeared, it struck me as a stroke of fortune, providing not only a sense of scale, but a visual representation of the sense of awe that leads so many people to observe nature’s grandeur in close proximity.  The experience of the sublime in nature reminds us in a salutary way of how small and vulnerable we really are—as well as of how delightfully and completely we can be rapt by beauty.



Winner:  Bernice Lewis, Eagle in Flight - Bald Eagle flying in Alaska
Judge's Choice:  Mary Lou Shapinas, Heron's Dinner - Great Blue Heron with catfish
Finalist 1:  Mary Lou Shapinas, Mom's Umbrella - Bald Eagle protecting her nestlings
Finalist 2:  Patricia Berry, "Dad! Dad! Dad!" - Bluebird feeding its young


Plant Life and Landscapes

WinnerAlan Troidl, Lily Lake Landscape
Judge's ChoiceAlexej Schov, Avantgard Fashion Underwater ("The Human Cares" series)
Finalist 1Terry Martin, Votive Candle
Finalist 2David Holdsworth, Morning Glory, Macro


Wildlife (excluding birds)

Winner:  Patricia Berry, Galapagos Iguana
Judge's Choice:  Patricia Berry, Snuggling Sea Lions
Finalist 1:  Donna Ruiz, Dream Wide
Finalist 2Alexej SachovAutomated feeding (series “The Human cares”)


Waterman Properties

WinnerLinda Seymour, Great Blue Heron of Brick Pond
Judge's ChoiceLinda Seymour, Great Blue Heron of Brick Pond
Finalist 1Alan Troidl, A Fine Catch - Great Blue Heron with fish, taken at Brick Pond
Finalist 2:  Barry Biddle, Duck on Brick Pond


People in Nature

Winner:  Deb Rockefeller, Made it to the Top
Judge's Choice:  Erin Marzella, A Man and His Dog
Finalist 1:  Bernice Lewis, I Spy a Butterfly
Finalist 2:  Erin Potter, Anything that Slithers