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Our Team. Our Mission.

Our mission is to promote conservation education and environmental literacy. We serve our members, the citizens of the Twin Tiers of New York State and Pennsylvania and all visitors to our wildlife refuge system. Some of the goals of Waterman Center are:

  • Expand environmental awareness of our visitors.

  • Provide conservation education programming for all ages, including classes, interpretive exhibits, trailside stations, booklets and signage.

  • Provide refuges which are quiet and safe for both wildlife and humans.

  • Provide quality environmental education programs tailored to meet the needs of area classroom teachers and their students.

  • Function as a regional resource center for environmental and conservation concerns for people and businesses within the community.

  • Cooperate with other centers and universities in research projects.

  • Provide the educational component in order to share research information with the public.

Executive Director

Christopher Audette

Board of Directors

Matthew Kisloski                                                        President

Vacant                                                               Vice-president

Sally Guydosh                                                            Secretary

Rex Decker                                                                Treasurer

Christopher Rounds                                             Past President

                                 Jerry Michael                                 

Jim Shuler

Dylan Horvath

Gary Diehl

Robert Rodgers

Emily Lovelass

Rich Leise

Steve Majka

Jeff Smith

Diane Wiener


**All items and money donated to WCEC are tax deductible. WCEC is a 501(C)(3) tax exempt private non-profit, membership organization. It is classified under the environmental education division as filed with the Internal Revenue service in 1966.

WCEC is not an affiliate of the County, State or Federal government or its organizations. All funds donated help support continued environmental education programming at Waterman Conservation Education Center and/or benefit facilities improvement.



Cheryl Utter          Director of Administration

Michelle Knuepfer                        Naturalist

Karen Harvey             Weekend Receptionist

Marcia Lorraine                         Bookkeeper

The Waterman Center is a member agency of Tioga County United Way.

Your donation to Waterman Center is tax deductible.

Thank you for your support.

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