Autumn/Winter 2020 - 2021

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Sign up for each course individually or sign up for all four sessions for a discount of $5 ($50 total per student).  Complete all three steps to register.

Course 2 - January 18, 2020 6 - 8:30pm- NEW Create photos that tell powerful stories and stand out from all the rest.  Produce a well rounded portfolio to document a subject - $15/student


Course 3 - Post-processing intensive workshop with Lightroom and Photoshop - Two sessions, $25/student for both or $15/student for each individual session

Course 3, Part 1 - Feb 15, 2021 - Post-processing in Lightroom

Course 3, Part 2 - Mar 15, 2021 - Post-processing in Photoshop

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IMPORTANTSign-up is a 2 step processStep 1* is complete when you click the "Donate" button and complete your paypal transaction.  After you have paid, complete Step 2 by entering all of the fields above and clicking "Submit Registration" below.  Once you submit your registration, wait for the green "Success" screen to indicate your registration has been completed.  *Note:  You may also perform step 1 using one of the additional payment methods described at the link below.

Online payment for workshops is through the Paypal "Donate" button to the right.  Determine the amount based on the courses selected.  We will be looking for your payment, but for our ease of processing, please be sure to indicate "NHTL Workshops" in your payment description.

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